Competency Assessment

We are a highly experienced team of competency assessment professionals. Please look up our profiles in Our People page. Our special feature is our ability to enable participants to establish the connect between their demonstrated behavior in the assessment process and the realities of their on-the-job performance and behavior.

Competency Development Coaching

We coach individual managers over 3 to 6 months to acquire higher levels of competencies through individualized on-the-job assignments, work practices, self-study and training programs.

Competency Development Workshops

We design and conduct training workshops for developing a range of managerial competencies, viz. business orientation, customer management, influencing, leadership and problem solving.

Competency Profiling for Talent Acquisition

We offer competency-based interviewing service to assess managerial competency profiles of candidates for talent acquisition.

We provide competency-based interviewing skills training to enable interviewers of our client organizations to assess managerial competencies of candidates for talent acquisition.